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American Heart Association CEO Nancy Brown Applauds Department Of Health And Human Services' Comprehensive Tobacco Control Initiative

April 08, 2017

Our nation's dependence on tobacco has had a detrimental impact on our ability to prevent smoking-related illnesses and control health care costs. Despite progress in loosening tobacco's deadly grip in some parts of the country where strong anti-tobacco policies have reduced smoking rates, cigarette smoking and use of smokeless tobacco products continues to be extremely troublesome. We strongly believe the Department of Health and Human Services' Ending the Tobacco Epidemic: A Tobacco Control strategic Action Plan will accelerate efforts to reduce national smoking rates which remain at unacceptable levels. The goals of the campaign are laudable however, adequate funding is critical to ensure success. Our elected officials must provide the financial support to make this action plan effective. This is an opportunity to gain a significant foothold in the ongoing battle against the tobacco industry's incessant campaign to recruit and addict a new generation of smokers.

New federal regulations intended to hold the tobacco industry accountable and restrict marketing practices continue to protect consumers from tobacco's health hazards. With today's publication of the Food and Drug Administration's proposed rule to modify required warning labels on cigarette packages and advertisements, we hope more Americans will resist the temptations of tobacco use and participate in evidence-based smoking cessation programs that include counseling and pharmacotherapies. The graphic warning labels reiterate findings from national studies that tobacco use causes heart disease, stroke and other chronic illnesses and will continue to claim the lives of many Americans.

The American Heart Association is pleased that the Administration has made tobacco control a priority and has taken steps to implement a comprehensive department-wide plan that will make great strides in reducing tobacco's impact on public health in communities nationwide.

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