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EAU "Minimally Invasive And Other Treatment Strategies In Localized Prostate Cancer

July 08, 2017

UroToday - A poster session on "Minimally Invasive and Other Treatment Strategies in Localized Prostate Cancer" EAU on Friday March 23, 2007.

Dr. Ismail, Guildford presented "Salvage Cryotherapy for Recurrent Prostate Cancer, the UK Experience". In the study, 100 patients underwent salvage cryoablation of the prostate between 2000-2005. Mean patient age was 67 years and mean follow-up was 27.5 months. All men had biopsy documented recurrence of CaP and were risk stratified based upon PSA, Gleason score and clinical stage. No patient mortality occurred and 61% received androgen deprivation therapy prior to cryoablation. The 5-year biochemical recurrence free survival was 73% for low-risk patient, 45% for intermediate-risk men and 11% for high-risk patients. The reported complications included incontinence (13%), erectile dysfunction (86%), LUTS (16%), prolonged perineal pain (4%), urinary retention (2%) and rectovesical fistula (1%). The authors feel that these data suggest that cryotherapy is safe and effective treatment for CaP recurrence. Patient selection clearly impacts outcome and the data does not clearly support benefit in high-risk patients.

Dr. Murat, Lyon reported on outcomes in 463 men treated for localized CaP with a first generation HIFU device. Treatment was using the Ablatherm Maxis HIFU device. Mean patient age was 69 years with clinical cT1-2 CaP, PSA