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SpectraSan 24™ Recently Attended National Athletic Trainers' Association (NATA) Annual Trade Show

April 26, 2017

The week of June 21, the SpectraSan 24™ team attended the National Athletic Trainers' Association Annual Exposition held in Philadelphia, PA. This event is the premier event for athletic trainers worldwide. In one convenient setting, athletic trainers have an opportunity to absorb new information presented by topical keynote speakers, network and learn through interactive peer discussion groups, view cutting-edge technologies and innovations at the industry's largest product and supplier exhibition, and learn about new treatment modalities and prevention strategies from a variety of educational tracks.

With nearly 10,000 attendees, this is the largest exhibition of athletic training products and services in the world. While at the expo, the SpectraSan 24 team took the opportunity to educate decision makers from secondary schools, colleges/universities and professional sports regarding the benefits of their breakthrough disinfectant. This included spending time with Larry Starr, Assistant Athletic Director and Director of Sports Medicine at Nova Southeastern University who began using SpectraSan 24 in August of 2009. Larry Starr can attest firsthand to the benefits of this new generation of protection. When asked why Nova Southeastern University began using SpectraSan 24, Starr states, "We are always looking for novel approaches to preventing injuries, illnesses and health related issues that can affect our athletes and staff. It's imperative for us to continually identify and evaluate innovative athletic training methods and practices, especially when it comes to fighting the transmission of disease-causing viruses and bacterial infections like MRSA." Starr noted immediate improvement in results after incorporating SpectraSan 24 into their sanitation program. Starr goes on to say, "We were impressed with the fact that SpectraSan 24 is not only safer to use, but has the capacity to kill germs for up to 24 hours." Starr continues, "Since introducing the product to our athletic training facilities last August, Nova Southeastern University has seen a dramatic reduction in illnesses and ZERO cases of MRSA among our athletes and staff."

Not only did Mr. Starr stop by to attest to Nova Southeastern University's successes with SpectraSan 24, but he consented to be filmed for an educational video presentation that illustrates the salient benefits of the product while providing firsthand recommendations on application for specific uses. BioTech Medical will release the video to the industry later this year.

Throughout the Expo, attendees who visited the SpectraSan 24 booth gained firsthand knowledge about the serious consequences and health risks caused by MRSA. The primary reason why MRSA represents such a great risk to an athletic training environment is because it can survive and be transmitted to humans for months. That being said, SpectraSan 24 is one of the single most important prevention breakthroughs that can be used to win the fight against MRSA, Staph, Influenza A (H1N1), Norovirus, HIV, and a host of other disease-causing pathogens that lurk on the frequently touched hard surfaces in and around athletic facilities. In essence, using SpectraSan 24 goes a long way to keeping athletes in the game.

SpectraSan 24 is an EPA-registered, broad-spectrum disinfectant that prevents the spread of bacterial infections, viruses and fungal transmission that inhabit hard, non-porous surfaces. Since SpectraSan 24's patented SDC technology continually kills germs for 24 hours, it is the obvious choice when trying to prevent the spread of communicable diseases and illnesses.

Unlike traditional alcohol- or bleach-based surface disinfectants, SpectraSan 24 requires no hazard or warning statements and boasts bacterial kill times as quick as 30 seconds, compared with 10 minutes for competing products. These benefits are due to SpectraSan 24's SDC technology, the first new disinfectant active ingredient to be registered with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in more than 30 years. SpectraSan 24 even provides powerful protection against Norovirus, Influenza A (H1N1), SARS, HIV and antibiotic-resistant pathogens such as MRSA, CA-MRSA, and VRE. It continues to kill bacteria for up to 24 hours after usage yet holds the EPA's Category IV toxicity rating, the lowest classification available. Furthermore, SpectraSan 24 is labeled specifically for use in childcare environments.

About BioTech Medical

BioTech Medical Inc. is a North Canton, Ohio based division of privately held SCI, a leading international marketing company. SCI distributes hundreds of diversified products around the world and has established its success through product innovation and multi-channel marketing. BioTech Medical's multiple business segments are each focused on the distribution of innovative healthcare products, including the SDC-based SpectraSan 24 and Cruise Control hard surface disinfectants, and SpectraSan Water PURE, a revolutionary and new water purification product sold outside the United States.

About Larry Starr

Larry Starr was named Assistant Athletic Director/Sports Medicine at Nova Southeastern in August 2002, after spending nine years as the Head Athletic Trainer for the Florida Marlins baseball club. Prior to joining the Marlins, Starr was the Head Athletic Trainer for the Cincinnati Reds for 21 years from 1972-1992 and has collected four World Series Championship rings during his MLB career. Larry began his athletic training career as an Assistant Athletic Trainer/Instructor at Ohio University from 1968-1971. He earned a Master of Science Degree in Education, a Bachelor of Science Degree in education from Ohio University and is currently finishing up his PhD. Starr is a NATA Certified Athletic Trainer, member of NSCA, ATAF, OATA and PBATS charter member. He served as secretary and historian for PBATS. Starr has also been inducted into both the Ohio and Florida Athletic Trainers Halls of Fame.

Source: BioTech Medical Inc